Saturday, February 9, 2013

Angels Visiting

  A friend of mine has been visited by angels this past week, including last night when she stayed at my house. They wake her up and talk to her in the middle of the night. She cant remember what they said when she wakes up but told me they were covering her and things in her house with "shrouds".
  The obvious symbolism of this is that she's going to die, but I did a reading on it and it turns out they are visiting to help her with abundance. Interesting because that does happen to be her focus at the moment.
 The shrouding when they visit is simply to protect her and her stuff & I presume the new product idea she's working on.
  For whatever reason, she's very close to/open to them right now.
Moral of the story- dont assume, always check it out with the cards before jumping to conclusions.
                                        Angelic blessings to you!

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