Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I am from NJ and most of my friends and relatives are still there. I have been concerned for awhile about the trend toward stronger storms on the coast. There will be more like this. Anyone w/a house near the ocean is asking for trouble. In other counrties, they know to put houses near water on stilts; why havent we learned that yet? I sincerely hope this will remind people how fragile our lives and our systems(utilities etc) are. I hope that they will remember to stock-pile basic items. Consider moving inland and to higher ground. I was guided to NM by dreams and signs. I know I am safer here. There is much more destruction to come. Please prepare- for yourself, your pets and your neighbors.

Obama/Romney psychic opinion

As a psychic, obviously I trust my gut. The first time I saw Romney on tv, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Never a good sign. I will do readings soon on both candidates and post my findings here b4 election day.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Santa Fe Psychic

Just a quick post. Im actually based in Albuquerque, but I have been giving lots of readings in Santa Fe lately, mostly by phone. I will consider getting an office there if I get enough calls.

Astral traveling again

I have been taking classes with my friend Debbie who passed in March. The other night, we took a holistic health class. I said "this is stuff i already know" but i went to the class to be with my friend. Any one else traveling? Please share!

Friday, October 12, 2012

PSYCHIC FAIR Albuquerque Fri 10/12

Tonight 6:30-9 at White Horse on Lomas near Carlisle. $10 read, heal, henna and more. Sign up for "Aleta Tarot Cards" when u get there. Hope to see you

Friday, October 5, 2012

Astral Traveler/ After-life/Parallel Lives

A very close friend of mine, Debbie, died in March (yes I saw it coming). We have been travelling together ever since. Last night we were at a conference, taking classes in spirituality and holistic health. A month of two ago, my friends mom had a dream of Debbie. She said "Ask Aleta if she wants to go to Africa with me" Her mom was confused and thinking "but youre dead" Debbie heard her thought and said "I can still go , just ask her!" Her mom then said "Thats a very expensive trip". Debbie said "ARC will pay for it" When she told me this I immediately googled ARC. Its an organization that helps refuges in Africa. Their next trip was to Rwanda. I found this interesting because its just the kind of thing I would do- helping people AND animals. It reminded me that everything and everyone is multi-dimensional and also that intention is everything. If we as individulas are multi-dimensional, then companies, counrties and organizations are too. Regarding the power of intention, if you want something, on some dimension you already have it. I have had glimpses of my own parallel lives. Whatever your goals and dreams are, in some dimension, you have achieved them. If there is someone you love and long for, on some dimension, you are together (if its any consolation) If you want to and are determined, you may get glimpses of your own parallel lives and astral travels. Meditation is one key. There are others -crystals, essential oils/aromatherapy, sound frequencies. If you want it, start researching and praying for it. You will be guided to what will work for YOU.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Syliva Browne/Chris Dufresne CANCEL/REFUND

  As some of you have read in past posts, I had an appointment scheduled w/Chris, Sylvia's son. (yes even psychics go to psychics!)
I've been having mixed feelings, based on my own intuition plus some bad reviews I found AFTER setting the appt. I did a reading on  getting a reading  (lol) and it was very mixed also. It said good things about Chris, but there was a card suggesting disappointment. Judging from this reading, I believe he is for real, and has the best intentions also, but that he and I wouldnt necessarily connect well. Every psychic doesnt connect w/every client every time. 
  So, I called today and cancelled appt, telling them I realized that I needed that money (I actually did too, some unexpected expenses came up). The guy on the phone was polite and understanding; didnt give me any hassle and refunded me immediately.
  One review I read on Chris was about a woman who said she they wouldnt issue a refund, then when Chris called her for her reading, he had an attitude.  Based on my own experience, I now question that. It could be that some details were left out, like how far ahead did she try to cancel. I gave over 24 hrs notice. I also wonder if his attitude was a misinterpretation. Imagine how exhausted he must be w/the amount of readings he does? I personally would start turning clients away if I got as much traffic as they get. I'd rather just do a few per day, having a few days off every week and make  less money. It does take a lot of energy. I also set up candles, sage myself, do prayers before a day of readings and sage myself again afterwards, so it takes a considerable amount of time & energy. I imagine that anyone working w/so many people per week would start to get drained/cranky, especially if they dont have time/take the time to cleanse themselves between clients & at end of the workday. He is so busy , I dont know how he would find the time for that.
  Im sure he has inherited Sylvia's gift and that he does a great job for most people most of the time, but again, even the best psychics have people they cant connect with. So, anyone doing that many readings for that many years is bound to get some bad reviews.
  The fact that I personally had such mixed feeelings, even before reading reviews, tells me that he and I
probably would not have connected well.
  I cant speak for you or anyone else, and as I said, Im sure he has the gift. I cannot make a judgement based on hear-say/reviews.  Use your own judgement/intuition in choosing a psychic for yourself.
 I would like to hear your thoughts and experiences. Please share your thoughts and experiences here !

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Meet me at the Fairgrounds Saturday 10 / 6 / 12

CORRECTION : I will be giving readings at the fairgrounds near the San Pedro/Lomas gate. Sat. 9-5 approximately. Come by if you'd like an in-person reading. Tell a friend. 15 minutes- $25 (cash please) Longer readings available. It will be a fun and beautiful day. See you there!

New Office- Nob Hill / UNM area !

For Abq residents and visitors- check out my website and book an in-person reading. Convenient location. Hope to meet you.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Group Psychic Reading & Vision Parties. Join Us!

Albuquerque area residents:
Would you be interested in a Psychic Reading party/group reading?
How about a "Vision Party"? Whats that? A party/class where we will learn about and each create our own "vision board"
  A vision board is a visual representation of your ideal situation- the ideal relationship, your dream home, career, etc. It contains words and images that program your subconscious mind each time you look at it.  We will use cut out pictures from magazines, markers, paints. Its fun and it works.
  Your vision board can be displayed in a private place such as your bedroom, or hidden and taken out 1-2 x per day (best not to let others see it)
 Based on quantum physics, as seen in the movie The Secret. Check out the movie or google "manifestation" visualization" & "positive affirmations" for more information on this concept and various techniques.
  Join us or host an event if you have a large living/family room in a nice home/nice neighborhood. Host gets free class/reading.
I will consider  doing a skype event/class also.
  Do you find this interesting? Any suggestions? Questions?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New age fair & 2012 survive/thrive

 Went to a spiritual event in Albuquerque today. Mary Marx Hubbard was one of the speakers. She was talking about 2012 as a new beginning. It was pretty standard "new age" stuff. She was saying that we have an opportunity to recreate the world and that we need to set our intentions on what we DO want, instead of being fearful. That we each need to find out own gift to share/our life purpose, and offer it to help create this new world. That we need to send out prayers to all people and to also create communities of like minded people- connecting in person or online. See Birth 2012.com
  I spoke to another guy who was saying the same but also that we do need to be concerned about putting aside food, water etc. He used to be in the military and had some inside info. The military uses "remote viewing" to see the future. They started seeing the effects of solar flares. One concern is that the solar flares contain a magnetic energy that will knock down the grid- computers, phone, cars & more.
  This guy meditates daily and was shown a "safe place" that he needs to go to at a specified time. He was not supposed to tell anyone the date, but he did advise me "get things in order by February.  This confirms my channeled info that December 12, 2012 is NOT the big deal ad the end of the Mayan calendar suggests.
According to him, there is a place for all of us, based on who we are and where we live, that will be safe. If we meditate, keep a dream journal and pray, we will be guided. I agree and have always known this.
I have also always believed that some big events were on the way.
Google "survival", best survival gear" etc and get some basic supplies. 
As Ive always said, "the future is NOT carved in stone" but it never hurts to prepare!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Haunted Psychic in New Mexico

Interesting experience- I was doing Tarot Readings for the first time in Madrid NM ( between Santa Fe & Albuquerque on the famous Turquiose Trail.
 I was sitting there between clients and heard a male voice say "Psychic Readings!" There was hardly anyone around and at the time, onlt people acrosss the street, thought the voice sounded very close to me. I looked all around, behind, adobe walls, everywhere and nothing. I thought "could that have been one of the ghosts everyone is talking about around here?" (Its an old mining town and many have seen/heard ghosts there).
 I read for a few people, then there was a lull in activity. As I sat there I heard the same voice say "Get outta here" He was clearly a non-believer & I was not welcome. I said "No" and proceeded to do more readings. I figured I have as much right to be there a he does.

Monday, September 10, 2012

2012, Intense for All/ Spirit Visitation

  Well, lots of change this year. Many have passed on. This year, there have been and will continue to be many solar flares as well as astrological events that are unprecedented.
  These events can be difficult on the mind and body, especially for those who are sick or elderly. Many will leave, choosing on a soul level that its just too much and deciding to let go of the physical body.
  On a personal note, I lost a close friend and my cat, Kiwi, both in March. The pain was lessened by a close relative of mine who is a medium (she keeps a low profile & wishes to remain anonymous) My friend visited her in spirit at the moment of death, healthy, radiant, saying "Tell Aleta I love her and Im taking care of her cats" In her arms were 3 cats who had died in recent years, including Kiwi. My relative saw her walk down a tunnel w/my cats, her grandparents and their dog.  I was later able to confirm the description of the dog and grandparents with my friend's mother, who cried when I told her.  I can only be happy for my loved ones who have passed. See pic of  a spirit my friend caught on film, about a year before her death. She caught images of orbs and ghosts almost every time she took a pic. Could it be because she wa nearing death? This particular one was taken in the mountains outside Albuquerque, NM - pic is at bottom of this post.
  My clients are going through many changes also- loss of a loved one, relationships ending, career changes. I am helping them to navigate through all of this. Some call me with new issues/questions every week. They need answers, which we get through the tarot cards, and they often need counseling. Im doing a greater number of combination sessions- reading & counseling.
  I feel that more people will be coming for healing work also, such as Reiki. Other psychics have been saying things like "I see light radiating out of your hands. You need to do more healing". So I feel that this element of my work will continue to expand, as we get closer to December 2012, as people feel the presssure of the new energies.
             More on 12/12/2012 soon... meanwhile, listen to the song, "Breathe"!

To me, its vague. Others clearly see a face. What do you think??