Monday, February 4, 2013

Afterlife / Mediumship / Death of best friend

 My mom is a medium. (psychic ability tends to run in families).She could be as famous as Sylvia Brown but doesnt like attention so she keeps a low profile. 
  Last March (2011) my best friend died. She was only 46 and like a sister to me.
For many weeks before, whenever I tried to write her name (Deb), I would write "Ded". I would get upset and hoped it wasnt a sign, but I knew.
 The day before she died, I called my mom from the hospital so she could speak to her. I told my mom, "it may be the last time". When I got back on the phone, she said "I told her to visit me and she knew what I meant" (she meant, visit me in spirit)
  The moment my friend died, she went to my mom.  
She was healthy, ecstatic, holding my cats, one who had died 3 wks before.
She said, "Tell Aleta I love her and Im taking care of her cats". My mom was able to describe her grandparents and their dog, who were standing by.  She stayed awhile then my mom said, "youve been here a long time, you can go now if you want. Im ok" She walked into a tunnel made of light.
  My mom called right away and said "I know Debbie died. She already came to me." I was very moved by this and cried as she told me the details of the visitation. I have grieved very little because I am so happy for her. She makes herself known often, to everyone who loves her.
  Remember this and may it bring you peace- your loved ones, even pets are around you and you WILL see them again.

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