Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to avoid phony psychics / psychic scams

As an honest professional psychic, Im horrified by the stories I hear about psychic scammers. Im here to tell you that there ARE honest psychics and to help you avoid the phony ones.
   Apparently, not all of us have good intentions. Many so called psychics are in it only for the money. Some arent using their intuition at all, but instead, reading your body language, tone of voice, etc and making very general statements. When I was younger, I was scammed by a few of them myself.
1) Marketing. The psychic with the biggest ads is not necessarily the best psychic. Many of us are NOT business minded, NOT ambitious, NOT financially able to afford expensive ads. billboards, high rent offices.
Most healers and psychics I know, including myself, are not good at business, marketing, self-promotion, tech stuff like Facebook, Twitter, etc. We are busy meditating, doing readings, helping peopl,e and animals, doing art.
2) Convenience. The psychic w/the store-front office who accepts walk-in /no appointment required isnt necessarily the best psychic. Many of us work from our homes, by appointment. Many of us are busy doing many readings daily, or we dont do readings 24/7 and have other jobs or businesses.
HOW TO FIND/CHOOSE the best psychic for you-
1) Google, research, read reviews. Visit a few websites. Which psychic are you drawn to? Trust your intuition. You may also go to local new age shops or health food stores and ask if they can recommend someone. They may have in-house psychics  right there, or they may have business cards of people they recommend. Check these psychic out before you schedule though- ask for references or check online reviews.
2) Ask them questions before scheduling. How long have they been reading? What are their gifts (clairvoyant? tarot cards? medium?)  What is their reading style/philosophy? What can you expect from the reading? (what can they offer/not offer/ how can they help/not help? How long of a reading do you get for how much?
1) Speaks in general terms that he/she could say to anyone. Example- "youre a nice person but people take advantage of you"
2) Asks lots of questions/ tries to get you to talk. They may be trying to get info because they are not very intuitive/dont know how to read the cards. I personally insist that my clients do NOT give me ANY info. Many are dying to tell me their story/the history of their relationship, etc, but I dont allow it til AFTER I have shuffled, laid down and interpreted the cards, THEN they may tell me whats going on so we can go deeper and get  more info and so I can help them phrase the next question(s).
3) Tells you 100% what will happen or exactly when it will happen. The truth is that the future is NOT carved in stone, but that you CREATE it withyout thoughts, choices, actions and prayers. A psychic that tells you otherwise is either-
a) means well but is mis-informed
b) wanting you to be dependent on them/worship them as "all-knowing'all-seeing"
4) Is totally inaccurate. If nothing they say rings true to you, or is totally wrong, after a few minutes, ask to stop and not pay/get your money back. Give it about 5 minutes because it can take time to get "in tune " with eachother. If your questions are vague/they dont understand what youre trying to ask, try explaining and rephrasing the question. If you still feel like youre "not connecting" w/him/her, ask for your money back,
5) If he/she suggests that you are the victim of a curse, a spell , etc, LEAVE and DONT PAY. If theyre not cooperative, threaten to go to the cops. A con will get very nervous and hand your money over. If you feel threatened, leave, go to the cops and ask for a police escort to get your money back with their protection.
Please understand that I do readings with the best intentions. This is my soul work. I am here to help people. I take this work seriously and do it with comapassion and integrity. It is my belief that the majority of healers and psychics are like me, just beware the few "bad apples" God bless you and guide you to your best future.


How to get clear answers from your spirit guides

 During a reading with the Tarot Cards, your spirit guides, higher self and/or ancestors speak through the cards and I interpret. There are many ways to ask them a question.
Here's some advice you may find helpful before you get a reading
  1) Figure out what it is that you REALLY want to know.
Often, people call me and aren't sure about what they should ask. You may think things through a little before our appointment or I can help you figure it out as we go.
  Example of a typical relationship reading- I ask the client not to give me any info- the history of the relationship, nothing, just the first name of the person.
Client asks, "Whats going on in my relationship with_____?"  This is fine to start out with, as its vague/open enough for your spirit guides to speak freely and tell you things you may not have thought to ask.
Often, as the reading progresses, we will ask various questions, finally getting to the most pressing one, which may be "How does he feel about me?" or "Is he cheating?" or "Is it likely that we'll get married?"
  2) Be willing to hear the truth, trusting that your guides will only tell you what you can handle. The fact that you called me already suggests that you are ready to hear the truth. Please know that I pray before every reading that the information my client receives will be "for their highest good" meaning that only info that will be helpful will be revealed. For example, if someone you love is going to pass over, you would ONLY be told IF it would help you to know ahead. Some people want to know, some dont.  Also, the person who will be dying, on a soul level, may not want you to be there (it may make it to hard for them to leave) OR maybe they're hanging on til you go visit them. Your guides and their's know. Many things involve SOUL-level decisions. A card reading can help you get in touch with these soul choices, in ALL areas of your life.
  3) Understand that the future is not carved in stone, so that if you ask for 100% yes or no answers, or exact time-frames, understand that no honest psychic can guarantee anything in the future. I can honestly tell you where you/a relationship/ a career, etc is likely headed at the time of the reading.
Your spirit guides, the angelic kingdom, God, whatever you believe in, is there, hearing your wishes and prayers, influencing your life as you live it, day by day. Your thoughts, actions and choices also create your life and your future. If I said I could predict the future w/complete accuracy, I would be denying God's power and  also I'd be dis-empowering you. This would be false, arrogant and counter-productive.
 Whats more important, more honest and more helpful, is to show you what actions you need to take to get to where you want to go. Example- "Will me and John break up?"  I would suggest  that we re-phrase the question and ask your guides "What can I do to create happiness and harmony in my relationship and to ensure its longevity?" This shows your guides/the universe/God that you are willing to do what you need to and that you have faith in yourself and/or them to help you make it happen.
When you walk away from a reading, you should feel clear, informed, encouraged and empowered, knowing that you create your own life, your own future, with the help of Spirit/God,  you are a co-creator.

Abusive /neglectful relationships

How can you help yourself or another who is in a bad relationship? Here's an email to a client of mine (anonymous) with some suggestions, based on my experience as a professional psychic and phone counselor. The 1st few lines are personally for my client, the rest can be applied to anyone in a bad relationship or anyone with a friend or relative who's in such a relationship. Please share this advice with anyone who may be helped by it.
 "Hi, Yes i thought card 2, (the Queen of Swords) in the reading described both you & his wife. Both perceptive and intutive and both lonely. But patience you have; otherwise you wouldnt still be there, in love with a married man.I think when you say you're not patient, what you mean is you dont have a lot of tolerance for her lack of compassion for him.
  Be careful not to feel his anger for him. We've all done this for friends- (been angry for them when they are in an abusive/neglectful relationship). Its easy to get cast into the role of the one who feels their anger for them, so they dont have to feel it. It enables them to:
a) not confront the other person (telling you "I wanted to say ____", or "I should have walked out" etc, instead of saying these things to the one who is hurting them.
b) it helps them to avoid fully feeling their own feelings, which
c) allows them to stay in the relationship longer (avoid the stress involved in making changes)because youre carrying the burden of their negative emotions for them.
  So, however angry you feel, dont express it to him. Instead, ask, calmly, as a good counselor would-
 " How do you feel when she (treats you like that/says that/does that) " This helps him acknowledge & express his own feelings and at the same time shows him that you care how he feels and that you're allowing him to feel/figure things out for himself. This is very supportive and empowering.
  Some other things you can ask are: " What kind of relationship would you like to have, if you could have the ideal relationship?" "How would you like to be treated?" "How do you want to feel in your day to day life?" "Can you imagine having that?" "What do you think it would take to get that?"
Open-ended questions that help him focus on what he DOES want instead of how bad things are/what he DOESNT want- the essential rule of creating the life you want, as seen in many books on creative visualization, and movies such as The Secret. Get him thinking and talking about what he wants/could have, (without telling him that youre the answer to his prayers. We both know you are and so does he but dont say it! LOL) Your sincere concern and support during these conversations will show him/remind him.
  At times when you cant talk to him, just imagine these conversations in your mind, especially when you go to bed at night. Your love and support WILL be felt on some level and will help him. Then ask to meet with him while you are sleeping and to be guided in what to say/how to help him. Most of us are leaving our bodies during the night (astral projection). You may as well program yourself/choose where you're going and who you will meet up with. Hope this helps, Aleta"
READERS- please share your thoughts regarding this topic/ this posting, thanks

Married man / Bi polar

Are you in love w/a married man? Are you married to a moody/bi-polar/Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde? Below is an email to a client of mine whom I had given a reading to. She's married to a moody guy and in love w/a married man. You may find it helpful. Hi,(anonymous) Yes, bi-polar/moody/Dr Jekyl/ Mr Hyde people are difficult to be involved with. A painful situation and all too common. You stay for those moments of happiness, the high points. We can actually become addicted to the highs AND lows. The brain gets used to feeling certain emotions, then actually seeks to feel them again, even the negative ones. Its the wasy the brain is wired. The other issue is that because the bad times are so bad, the good times seem great. An example from one of my clients: Her boyfriend is bi-polar. On a bad day, he will say things that he knows will upset her, suggesting that he's having sex w/other people, etc. She will be devestated for a day or two, then he will turn into the nice guy. He will make a simple gesture like bringing home something she likes from the grocaery store, or making her breakfast. After the way he treated her the day before, this gesture seems like a grand one, amazingly thoughtful and generous. In this type of relationship, you are being trained to be happy with crumbs. Over time, you lose your self respect, and his respect for you and your standards are lowered. We need to get off the rollercoaster and the only way is to get lots of therapy and/or to just leave and avoid interaction w/the person, in my opinion, for 6 months or more. If you're required to talk fine, (about money, the kids, selling the house, etc) but no dates, no talking about feelings, no re-hashing the history of the relationship. You must think of the person as if he/she were an addictive substance. Ideally, after awhile, you can go back and be friends if you feel that the person would be better as a friend than he was as a marriage partner/lover. But you need to take care of yourself first by breaking the cycle. Regarding the married man you are in love with, his situation is difficult, but, like you, he's choosing it. When he's had enough he will leave. I know you want to be there for him, but there is some lesson he needs to learn from this situation. More than we are doers we are deciders. When you both decide you deserve a happy life, you will leave and start a new life (w/eachother or someone else if one of you cannot leave your current marriage) The cards suggest he will leave her, but time- frames are very difficult because time is relative/an illusion, and time-frames change all the time, based on our thoughts, actions and changing circumstances. The universe/God/your own higher self will open doors once you have made a firm decision. No one can do that for you. It will come from inside you. Life is short and God wants us to be happy. I hope you and John choose happiness soon. I am not a religious person, but I do believe in God and he hears my prayers for myself and others. I will create a prayer for you. Use it if you are interested/comfortable w/prayer. Father, Son Holy, Spirit please enter my life and my relationships. Speak to my heart and the hearts of my husband, my son, John and his wife. Influence and inspire us, transform us and guide us all to a life full of joy, abundance, good health and harmonious relationships. Guide us all to our highest good, in accordance w/divine will & divine timing, harming none. Thank you, Amen ** The key here is to place the details and timing into Gods hands, having faith that he will work things out in a way that everyone involved will be happy and that no one will get hurt. I wish you well. Call me if you need me, Aleta

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chris Dufresne experience( Slyvia Browns son)

As a psychic, I receive emails and calls from people looking for an honest reading. They often find me after theyve had bad experiences w/other psychics. Below is my response to one of those emails. Sender will remain anonymous. Hi, I received your email through my website regarding your experience w/Chris Dusfresne, Silvia Browns son. People have been coming to me for readings after having bad experiences such as yours. ( I guess they like my reviews?) They're saying he treated them insensitively, rushed through the reading and gave them very general information. It seems to me he is over-working himself and possibly not cleansing his energy field often enough, which is making him impatient and irritable. This is only my opinion based on what Im hearing. People are also very unhappy about his fee (and Sylvia's- $850 !) I dont see why seeing/feeling the presence of your mom would mean you need a shrink, especially coming from him. His mom is a medium so i guess she needs a shrink too?! Did you say anything else that he could interpret as "crazy"? Maybe he thinks talking to God himself is nuts. I dont. I know some very sane people who can speak directly to God. One who comes to mind has been an intellectual and studying physics, etc her whole life. You would never know she was talking to God if you met her and her collegues wouldnt understand I'm sure. But she is quite sane. The advice i give is- if the info is loving, gentle, simple and empowering, its from God or some other positive entity. Truth is truth and most of us can FEEL it when we hear it. (It almost doesnt matter what the exact source is, as long as you can discern truth.) If the info you are getting is confusing, complex, scary or telling you to harm someone or yourself, its NOT coming from a good place. It sounds like you know the difference, but to be safe, I would suggest that you invoke Archangel Michael (google it) in the morning and before bed, since you're open to spirit, to make sure you're protected from any "negative" energies, entities. He protects me and my clients every day. My invocation, in my own words is- "Archangel Michael, i invoke u in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I ask for your protection from all harm, danger and deception for me my cats, all beings on my property, including all birds and animals, all spirit beings and ancestors around me, my home, car and property throughout all time place and dimension. Do the same for everyone I read for today and tonight, wherever they call me from. So be it and so it is." (meaning, I have asked and i trust that is is done) Whenever invoking an angel, always say "in the name of the father son holy spirit " because this ensures that its is the right angel, not a fallen angel or demon "imposter". And remember, we dont pray to angels or worship them, we call or invoke them; God created them to serve mankind. They stand by, ready to serve, until we ask. God bless you and your mom. I believe you that shes there and I'm happy for you both. My mom is an awesome medium. I grew up with this stuff, so i know its real. Enjoy your connection w/your mom. But remember, my favorite saying "Dont throw pearls before swine" (Dont share your most beautiful spiritual experiences- or your dreams and goals for that matter- with anyone until you're sure they will be positive, supportive and HAPPY for you." I believe that, as multi-dimensional beings, we can be in heaven AND visiting our relatives AND reincarnated, living another life all at the same time. I believe in parallel universes and i am aware of one of my own parallel lives. None of this is nuts. Physics is now showing that its real. Scientists are finally catching up w/the mystics, who've known all along. Just dont get forget the "reality" of the life you are living and dont let yr relationship w/the living be over shadowed by yr relationship w/mom. We live in the physical world and must pay attention to the needs of the physical body, pay the bills and keep our feet on the ground. I wish you well and I'm here if you ever need a reading or a compassionate ear. Peace and blessings to you, Aleta