Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spirit Visitation- " She touched my arm ! "

 My close friend died last March. She's been coming to friends and family- visually and auditorily.
Her name is Debbie. Another very close friend of her's called me this past weekend to tell me that she had visited him.
  He was watching tv w/his life partner. Suddenly, Debbie was standing next to him. She was in a white gown (funny cause she never wore dresses). She touched his arm, then left.
I knew immediately that the white gown meant she had "graduated". This is the word that came to mind/first thought I had, so I trust it was my intuition.
  He wondered why she didn't speak to him. I said "Who knows how much energy/focus it takes for them to even make themselves seen, no less FELT by us. Maybe talking would have taken more effort. Anyway, just seeing and feeling her was an amazing gift"
  I know Im traveling w/her (astral projection) & hope to be able to remember more when I wake/return. I look forward to an on-going relationship, channeling, etc w/her.
I hope everyone will receive the priceless gift I have; knowing that your loved one is still very "alive" and present in your life.
  I believe Debbie is an angel now, and was always destined to be. Every one who ever met her, loved her immediately and unconditionally for the rest of their lives.  We were happy to care for her when she was in a wheel chair at the end & I would have given my life for my friend, Debbie. Maybe we always knew; our lives were "touched by an angel"

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