Monday, February 4, 2013

Relationship Break-up. Focus on YOU

What is he feeling? What is he thinking?  Is he seeing anyone else? Will he call me?
All valid questions, and I'm happy to answer them for you.  But consider also, what about YOU?
Ok, so what if your guides (thru the cards) say he is missing you, thinking of calling and proabaly will call?
Then what? What should YOU do?
Well, that depends.
Unless you are sure the relationship was good for you,  and will continue to be, the next thing to ask your spirit guides would be, " how will being with him affect me? how will I feel in my relationship with him?"
  Its easy, when we're heart-broken, lost, lonely or feeling rejected to obsess about the other person and to do anything to get them back, but be careful what you wish for.
 Is he good for you? Will you be happy with him?
One of the ways I help my clients is by suggesting the right questions.
Yes, I will answer all of your questions, but I will suggest ones you may not have thought of also.

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