Saturday, February 9, 2013

Angels Visiting

  A friend of mine has been visited by angels this past week, including last night when she stayed at my house. They wake her up and talk to her in the middle of the night. She cant remember what they said when she wakes up but told me they were covering her and things in her house with "shrouds".
  The obvious symbolism of this is that she's going to die, but I did a reading on it and it turns out they are visiting to help her with abundance. Interesting because that does happen to be her focus at the moment.
 The shrouding when they visit is simply to protect her and her stuff & I presume the new product idea she's working on.
  For whatever reason, she's very close to/open to them right now.
Moral of the story- dont assume, always check it out with the cards before jumping to conclusions.
                                        Angelic blessings to you!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Astral Projection / Spirit visitation/ Multi-dimensionality

  My friend Debbie died in March 2011. She makes herself known- showing up visually for her sister, saying "happy birthday mom" to her mom, coming to us in dreams, etc.
In one example, she came to her mom in  a dream and said "Ask Aleta(me) if she wants to go to Africa with me"  Her mom was confused, thinking "but youre dead" Debbie seemed to hear her and said "I can still go ! Just ask her for me"  Her mom said "Ok but how can she go? Its very expensive"  Debbie said, "Arc will pay for it"
  Her mom told me this on the phone a few days later. I said "Yes, I will go to Africa" aloud, confident it was heard by whomever needed to hear it. Her mom hadn t googled arc yet, so I did.  She said it was A.R.C. I found an organization called "African Relief something (committee?). I knew right away that was the one. I have always felt a strong connection to people of color, and have always been interested in volunteer work. Also, their next trip was to Rwanda, which is where the mountain forest gorrillas are. I have a special connection with, and a great love for animals. Africa was also one of the places we both wanted to see.
  Though I have no conscious memory of it, I trust that I have visited there with her, during my sleep, via astral projection.
  I have always believed that we are multi-dimensional beings, living parallel lives, etc. I have learned from this dream that organizations, and probably companies, groups and countries are multi-dimensional also.
ARC "paid" for my trip, in some sense.
  Our intentions have power. Because it was my intention to help people, to see Africa, to see the gorillas and to one day travel with my friend, I have.
  Know and believe that you too are multi-dimensional, astral projecting, travelling and spending time with loved ones that have passed. Ask to be made aware and you will be.
                      READERS- please share your thoughts and experiences on these subjects.

Afterlife / Mediumship / Death of best friend

 My mom is a medium. (psychic ability tends to run in families).She could be as famous as Sylvia Brown but doesnt like attention so she keeps a low profile. 
  Last March (2011) my best friend died. She was only 46 and like a sister to me.
For many weeks before, whenever I tried to write her name (Deb), I would write "Ded". I would get upset and hoped it wasnt a sign, but I knew.
 The day before she died, I called my mom from the hospital so she could speak to her. I told my mom, "it may be the last time". When I got back on the phone, she said "I told her to visit me and she knew what I meant" (she meant, visit me in spirit)
  The moment my friend died, she went to my mom.  
She was healthy, ecstatic, holding my cats, one who had died 3 wks before.
She said, "Tell Aleta I love her and Im taking care of her cats". My mom was able to describe her grandparents and their dog, who were standing by.  She stayed awhile then my mom said, "youve been here a long time, you can go now if you want. Im ok" She walked into a tunnel made of light.
  My mom called right away and said "I know Debbie died. She already came to me." I was very moved by this and cried as she told me the details of the visitation. I have grieved very little because I am so happy for her. She makes herself known often, to everyone who loves her.
  Remember this and may it bring you peace- your loved ones, even pets are around you and you WILL see them again.

Relationship Break-up. Focus on YOU

What is he feeling? What is he thinking?  Is he seeing anyone else? Will he call me?
All valid questions, and I'm happy to answer them for you.  But consider also, what about YOU?
Ok, so what if your guides (thru the cards) say he is missing you, thinking of calling and proabaly will call?
Then what? What should YOU do?
Well, that depends.
Unless you are sure the relationship was good for you,  and will continue to be, the next thing to ask your spirit guides would be, " how will being with him affect me? how will I feel in my relationship with him?"
  Its easy, when we're heart-broken, lost, lonely or feeling rejected to obsess about the other person and to do anything to get them back, but be careful what you wish for.
 Is he good for you? Will you be happy with him?
One of the ways I help my clients is by suggesting the right questions.
Yes, I will answer all of your questions, but I will suggest ones you may not have thought of also.

Paranormal. Seeing Spirits and Scared

A woman contacted me through my website seeking advice /support. Her daughter sees spirits. Mom isnt sure whether to believe he, be afraid for her, etc. Here is my response/advice
First, always assume that your child is telling the truth about these things. Kids are very open and intuitive and its usually true. I, personally choose to believe her without even hearing the details or meeting her. Its always a choice, whether to believe someone. Its important especially for you, to believe and support her for a few reasons
1) its best for your relationship w/her (she feels respected, validated, supported and you are working as a team
2) it teaches her to trust what she sees/feels which is vital for the rest of her life
3) If any "bad" spirits come around, she will stronger. A person who is, or even feels alone, misunderstood, distant form loved ones is vulnerable.  
Its not that important to "get to the bottom of things" (to know exactly who the spirits are, etc)
The first & most important thing you need to do is not be afraid/not let her see that you are (if you are).
I would say something like this to her and any child experiencing this-
"I believe you. I know youre smart and not a liar. I know there is a spirit world because I know there is a God, angels and that we dont disappear when we die. Not everyone can see spirits. Its a special ability you have. Some people wouldnt believe you, or would be scared, or even jealous. You shouldnt tell anyone else if you dont trust them 100%. Most people will eventually tell your secrets. Some kids will make fun of you if they hear about this. 
You dont need to be afraid of the spirits because most spirits are good. There are some bad ones and you need to know that because if you know it, you will do what you need to do to protect yourself. I know a very strong angel who can protect you. His name is Michael. He was created by God to protect us. From now on, every morning and every night, we will ask him to protect us. We can look up prayers or we can make up our own, something like this (say aloud, with confidence)-
"Archangel Michael, I invoke you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (always invoke this way or u can get an imposter!) I ask for your protection from all harm, danger, evil, bad thoughts, feelings and actions of others, lies, confusion and anything and anyone that would harm me in any way. Protect also my family, my pets, all living beings in my house and on my property and also protect the helpful spirits around me, including ancestors. Protect us through all time, place and all dimensions. So be it and so it is in the name of the Holy Trinity." (this is one I have created/developed and use daily for me and my clients)
  Tell her to do this daily even 2 x day. ALSO, an easy to remember and powerful thing to say if there is a sudden feeling of danger, anywhere, any time, say simply, aloud, "In the name of Jesus, Satan be gone". Anything evil/harmful MUST leave when you say this.
  You and she will feel stronger and have more faith over time from doing this. When she feels stronger and more confident, someday, she can ask these spirits if they need her help. (Is there a message they need to get to a loved one? etc) Your first instinct as a mom probably is that u want this to go away, because you want to protect her. But Michael will do that for you..
  The thing is, its a gift and it may be her life purpose to help these spirits. They were people once and are drawn to her because she can see them.  She can choose to close down this gift, ( which may or may not work) or she can embrace it, develop it. The benefit of that would be that she would also learn to control it. She can learn to set boundaries, for example, she could pray to God for this and also tell the spirits-
 "I will set aside a certain amount of time for the spirit world, but I do not want my sleep interrupted, or my daily life, such as school interrupted. If you respect this, I will respect you and we will have a mutually beneficial connection"
  Please search online for in-person support for this. There are others who have been down this road and can help you and her make the best of it/avoid danger. Search "" When you get there, find your city and put in site's search bar "spiritual groups" "new age groups" etc. Find ones that are free or cheap/by donation. If there are no free ones, email the group leader and tell them whats going on. See if they or anyone they know will  help you with advice, etc.
  I didnt notice your address in email form from my website, but I would like to talk to your daughter, at least on the phone, or better yet, meet you both in person somewhere. It would help her to meet someone whos had these experiences.  I have had many. I can also tell her about my mom, who is a medium, was once afraid and also thought she was crazy, but now helps people. Please email me again w/phone number if you want to talk or meet.  Put "seeing spirits- please call me" in subject line so i will notice it and open it.
Hope I helped, Aleta
Additional advice for my blog readers- if you need help w/this issue, beside, see also the free magazines in new-age, metaphysical shps and sometime health food stores. There are many free and cheap groups that can help you with these matters.