Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to get clear answers from your spirit guides

 During a reading with the Tarot Cards, your spirit guides, higher self and/or ancestors speak through the cards and I interpret. There are many ways to ask them a question.
Here's some advice you may find helpful before you get a reading
  1) Figure out what it is that you REALLY want to know.
Often, people call me and aren't sure about what they should ask. You may think things through a little before our appointment or I can help you figure it out as we go.
  Example of a typical relationship reading- I ask the client not to give me any info- the history of the relationship, nothing, just the first name of the person.
Client asks, "Whats going on in my relationship with_____?"  This is fine to start out with, as its vague/open enough for your spirit guides to speak freely and tell you things you may not have thought to ask.
Often, as the reading progresses, we will ask various questions, finally getting to the most pressing one, which may be "How does he feel about me?" or "Is he cheating?" or "Is it likely that we'll get married?"
  2) Be willing to hear the truth, trusting that your guides will only tell you what you can handle. The fact that you called me already suggests that you are ready to hear the truth. Please know that I pray before every reading that the information my client receives will be "for their highest good" meaning that only info that will be helpful will be revealed. For example, if someone you love is going to pass over, you would ONLY be told IF it would help you to know ahead. Some people want to know, some dont.  Also, the person who will be dying, on a soul level, may not want you to be there (it may make it to hard for them to leave) OR maybe they're hanging on til you go visit them. Your guides and their's know. Many things involve SOUL-level decisions. A card reading can help you get in touch with these soul choices, in ALL areas of your life.
  3) Understand that the future is not carved in stone, so that if you ask for 100% yes or no answers, or exact time-frames, understand that no honest psychic can guarantee anything in the future. I can honestly tell you where you/a relationship/ a career, etc is likely headed at the time of the reading.
Your spirit guides, the angelic kingdom, God, whatever you believe in, is there, hearing your wishes and prayers, influencing your life as you live it, day by day. Your thoughts, actions and choices also create your life and your future. If I said I could predict the future w/complete accuracy, I would be denying God's power and  also I'd be dis-empowering you. This would be false, arrogant and counter-productive.
 Whats more important, more honest and more helpful, is to show you what actions you need to take to get to where you want to go. Example- "Will me and John break up?"  I would suggest  that we re-phrase the question and ask your guides "What can I do to create happiness and harmony in my relationship and to ensure its longevity?" This shows your guides/the universe/God that you are willing to do what you need to and that you have faith in yourself and/or them to help you make it happen.
When you walk away from a reading, you should feel clear, informed, encouraged and empowered, knowing that you create your own life, your own future, with the help of Spirit/God,  you are a co-creator.


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