Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chris Dufresne experience( Slyvia Browns son)

As a psychic, I receive emails and calls from people looking for an honest reading. They often find me after theyve had bad experiences w/other psychics. Below is my response to one of those emails. Sender will remain anonymous. Hi, I received your email through my website regarding your experience w/Chris Dusfresne, Silvia Browns son. People have been coming to me for readings after having bad experiences such as yours. ( I guess they like my reviews?) They're saying he treated them insensitively, rushed through the reading and gave them very general information. It seems to me he is over-working himself and possibly not cleansing his energy field often enough, which is making him impatient and irritable. This is only my opinion based on what Im hearing. People are also very unhappy about his fee (and Sylvia's- $850 !) I dont see why seeing/feeling the presence of your mom would mean you need a shrink, especially coming from him. His mom is a medium so i guess she needs a shrink too?! Did you say anything else that he could interpret as "crazy"? Maybe he thinks talking to God himself is nuts. I dont. I know some very sane people who can speak directly to God. One who comes to mind has been an intellectual and studying physics, etc her whole life. You would never know she was talking to God if you met her and her collegues wouldnt understand I'm sure. But she is quite sane. The advice i give is- if the info is loving, gentle, simple and empowering, its from God or some other positive entity. Truth is truth and most of us can FEEL it when we hear it. (It almost doesnt matter what the exact source is, as long as you can discern truth.) If the info you are getting is confusing, complex, scary or telling you to harm someone or yourself, its NOT coming from a good place. It sounds like you know the difference, but to be safe, I would suggest that you invoke Archangel Michael (google it) in the morning and before bed, since you're open to spirit, to make sure you're protected from any "negative" energies, entities. He protects me and my clients every day. My invocation, in my own words is- "Archangel Michael, i invoke u in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I ask for your protection from all harm, danger and deception for me my cats, all beings on my property, including all birds and animals, all spirit beings and ancestors around me, my home, car and property throughout all time place and dimension. Do the same for everyone I read for today and tonight, wherever they call me from. So be it and so it is." (meaning, I have asked and i trust that is is done) Whenever invoking an angel, always say "in the name of the father son holy spirit " because this ensures that its is the right angel, not a fallen angel or demon "imposter". And remember, we dont pray to angels or worship them, we call or invoke them; God created them to serve mankind. They stand by, ready to serve, until we ask. God bless you and your mom. I believe you that shes there and I'm happy for you both. My mom is an awesome medium. I grew up with this stuff, so i know its real. Enjoy your connection w/your mom. But remember, my favorite saying "Dont throw pearls before swine" (Dont share your most beautiful spiritual experiences- or your dreams and goals for that matter- with anyone until you're sure they will be positive, supportive and HAPPY for you." I believe that, as multi-dimensional beings, we can be in heaven AND visiting our relatives AND reincarnated, living another life all at the same time. I believe in parallel universes and i am aware of one of my own parallel lives. None of this is nuts. Physics is now showing that its real. Scientists are finally catching up w/the mystics, who've known all along. Just dont get forget the "reality" of the life you are living and dont let yr relationship w/the living be over shadowed by yr relationship w/mom. We live in the physical world and must pay attention to the needs of the physical body, pay the bills and keep our feet on the ground. I wish you well and I'm here if you ever need a reading or a compassionate ear. Peace and blessings to you, Aleta

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