Sunday, September 16, 2012

New age fair & 2012 survive/thrive

 Went to a spiritual event in Albuquerque today. Mary Marx Hubbard was one of the speakers. She was talking about 2012 as a new beginning. It was pretty standard "new age" stuff. She was saying that we have an opportunity to recreate the world and that we need to set our intentions on what we DO want, instead of being fearful. That we each need to find out own gift to share/our life purpose, and offer it to help create this new world. That we need to send out prayers to all people and to also create communities of like minded people- connecting in person or online. See Birth
  I spoke to another guy who was saying the same but also that we do need to be concerned about putting aside food, water etc. He used to be in the military and had some inside info. The military uses "remote viewing" to see the future. They started seeing the effects of solar flares. One concern is that the solar flares contain a magnetic energy that will knock down the grid- computers, phone, cars & more.
  This guy meditates daily and was shown a "safe place" that he needs to go to at a specified time. He was not supposed to tell anyone the date, but he did advise me "get things in order by February.  This confirms my channeled info that December 12, 2012 is NOT the big deal ad the end of the Mayan calendar suggests.
According to him, there is a place for all of us, based on who we are and where we live, that will be safe. If we meditate, keep a dream journal and pray, we will be guided. I agree and have always known this.
I have also always believed that some big events were on the way.
Google "survival", best survival gear" etc and get some basic supplies. 
As Ive always said, "the future is NOT carved in stone" but it never hurts to prepare!

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