Friday, October 5, 2012

Astral Traveler/ After-life/Parallel Lives

A very close friend of mine, Debbie, died in March (yes I saw it coming). We have been travelling together ever since. Last night we were at a conference, taking classes in spirituality and holistic health. A month of two ago, my friends mom had a dream of Debbie. She said "Ask Aleta if she wants to go to Africa with me" Her mom was confused and thinking "but youre dead" Debbie heard her thought and said "I can still go , just ask her!" Her mom then said "Thats a very expensive trip". Debbie said "ARC will pay for it" When she told me this I immediately googled ARC. Its an organization that helps refuges in Africa. Their next trip was to Rwanda. I found this interesting because its just the kind of thing I would do- helping people AND animals. It reminded me that everything and everyone is multi-dimensional and also that intention is everything. If we as individulas are multi-dimensional, then companies, counrties and organizations are too. Regarding the power of intention, if you want something, on some dimension you already have it. I have had glimpses of my own parallel lives. Whatever your goals and dreams are, in some dimension, you have achieved them. If there is someone you love and long for, on some dimension, you are together (if its any consolation) If you want to and are determined, you may get glimpses of your own parallel lives and astral travels. Meditation is one key. There are others -crystals, essential oils/aromatherapy, sound frequencies. If you want it, start researching and praying for it. You will be guided to what will work for YOU.

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