Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Synchronicity. Jewish Voice For Peace. Channelling Life Purpose/ Soul Purpose

       Very interesting synchronicity

  Back in 199I channeled much fascinating information.
I had access to what's called the "Akashic Records". This is the record of everything that's ever happened/will happen and everyone who's ever lived/will be born.  I was able to ask whatever I wanted and get the answer.  There are many things I will never tell publicly as they are sacred to me and may draw negative energy/responses
/ nay-sayers. "Don't throw pearls before swine" as they say! 
  One of the things I asked was to know my life purpose, or soul purpose. I will tell part of the answer here, because I  think you will find it interesting, especially if you've experienced synchronicities in your own life. One of the reasons I'm here, I was told, is to work toward world peace. When I was told this, it rang true and  it moved me to tears. Peace/ anti-war is a subject close to my heart.
  I was told that this soul purpose was somehow connected to the Jewish people/race. This rang true/felt right also as I had always felt a kinship with Jews ( though as far as I know I have no Jewish in me. I'm Irish, Italian, German and English)
  Ive never been able to recall the details/what the connection was between Jews and world peace. I was not "allowed" to write anything down during or after this channeling session. In fact, I was made to forget for years. I was told I would remember as I needed to/when I was ready to.
  So I have recalled bits and pieces over the years. Many details came to the surface in November 02 (or 03?) when 7 planets lined up in Taurus (my sun sign)
   Then, more recently, onTuesday Nov 26 2013 , I was driving w/a friend through the city of Albuquerque. There was a billboard calling for people to encourage government to spend money helping people in Albuquerque instead of giving money to Israel for the purpose of occupying Palestine. At the bottom of the billboard it said "" or" and "Jewish Voices for Peace."
  It didn't dawn on me that this was a sign, literally, (ha! a billboard) until today, when I got an email from, guess who?! It wasn't the Albuquerque chapter, but the national one I suppose. They were talking about peace, etc and asking for a small donation to help their cause. I was not on their email list so its a mystery how they found me/emailed me.
  I take this as a major sign that I am to get involved in this organization and I KNOW its time for me to move into this part of my destiny.
LOVE to all people, all countries, all of God's children!
  Please share your own stories of synchronicity, signs, soul purpose and any others you think my readers would find interesting or inspiring.
Please, no political debates! We all have our path to walk. Judge not.



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