Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mercury retrograde = messages from the past

  Are you hoping to hear from someone from your past?  Dont be surprised if it happens between now and Nov 10th. When the planet Mercury is retrograde (appears to be moving back-ward), it can re-start communications. The danger is, however, that it also tends to make communication more difficult. Think before speaking; how will this be taken by the other person. Be very clear. I always recommend, but especially during a retro mercury, avoid text, email and letters for important conversations. Lovers, exes, friends youve had a falling out with, etc; these situations/relationships are especially touchy. CALL or meet in person. 
  Mercury retro also tends to bring mechanical , electronic glitches/breakdowns, travel hassles and its NOT a good time to sign anything. Wait on committing to anything and if you cant, have a lawyer look it over!
  Personally, Mercury retro this month brought some of my regulars back around for another reading, a few of them I hadnt heard from in a few months.
   Feel free to share your mercury retro experiences here. Got glitches?