Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cleveland Kidnapping Suspect, Ariel Castro- a psychic reading on it

I asked my guides/the cards to tell me more about this person and also about the upcoming trial
I generally use 3-card spreads and did so for this reading.
Card 1- 5 of Wands- unsatisfied desires, struggle, conflict, obstacles, competition, aggression
Card 2- The Sun- satisfaction, accomplishment, joy, love, pleasure
Card 3- 5 of Swords- defeat, destruction of others, adversaries, infamy, dishonor
Interpretation- Card 1  is about his past, including possibly childhood. It speaks of a person who was unable to get his needs met. He sees the world as a place of struggle; a place where you must compete and be aggressive to get what you want.(And as we've seen,  he has this violence/aggression in him & is willing to use it)
Card 2- he found a way to get his needs met and sees it as a great accomplishment. The interactions he had (forced upon these women)  brought him happiness and pleasure. Because of his short-comings/emotional issues, negative beliefs about the world, this was probably the only way for him  to get what he needed. ( the welfare of his victims was not a concern for him, obviously)
Card 3- this card makes it clear that he WILL be convicted, dishonored and infamous
   I have very strong feelings about rape, as most of us do, but i try to be unbiased in my readings.
 But I must add- feminism is not a four-letter word and rape is not sex; rape is violence.