Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cleveland Kidnapping Suspect, Ariel Castro- a psychic reading on it

I asked my guides/the cards to tell me more about this person and also about the upcoming trial
I generally use 3-card spreads and did so for this reading.
Card 1- 5 of Wands- unsatisfied desires, struggle, conflict, obstacles, competition, aggression
Card 2- The Sun- satisfaction, accomplishment, joy, love, pleasure
Card 3- 5 of Swords- defeat, destruction of others, adversaries, infamy, dishonor
Interpretation- Card 1  is about his past, including possibly childhood. It speaks of a person who was unable to get his needs met. He sees the world as a place of struggle; a place where you must compete and be aggressive to get what you want.(And as we've seen,  he has this violence/aggression in him & is willing to use it)
Card 2- he found a way to get his needs met and sees it as a great accomplishment. The interactions he had (forced upon these women)  brought him happiness and pleasure. Because of his short-comings/emotional issues, negative beliefs about the world, this was probably the only way for him  to get what he needed. ( the welfare of his victims was not a concern for him, obviously)
Card 3- this card makes it clear that he WILL be convicted, dishonored and infamous
   I have very strong feelings about rape, as most of us do, but i try to be unbiased in my readings.
 But I must add- feminism is not a four-letter word and rape is not sex; rape is violence.


Frogger said...

This violence is primarily directed at the Goddess. It started with the extermination of the Pagan people and wisdom schools and their replacement with male dominated "religion." The whole planet is infected with this psychosis, especially in the Middle East.For definitive research on this topic, refer to John Lamb Lash.

Aleta Mason said...

sorry i havent been active on my blog and just found your post. Heartily agree. The patriarchy/misogyny runs deep and wide in our world. I hesitate to point fingers at any one country as worse than another. Every country is guilty; in some its blatant, in others more subtle, but its everywhere.

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